It rained on our walk today

It rained on our walk today.

I heard somewhere that rain is used to signify “change” in movies. Maybe the character has an epiphany. Maybe they’ve just lost someone, or there is a terrible accident. At any rate, in many pivotal movie scenes, you can bet your bottom dollar there is some rain coming.

Here is a perfect example:



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When your relationship ends up on the stoop

When your relationship ends up on the stoop.

Isn’t it funny how an entire relationship can end up inside of a box?

Here are the tickets to that museum we went to. And here is the tiny stone-carved figurine of a moose I purchased. And there is a bundle of every single note I wrote in the morning when I left for work. And there is a bundle of every single card I mailed [because that’s a cute thing to do, okay?]. And here is a miscellaneous collection of underwear, socks, and my neon green gym t-shirt. My deodorant and toothbrush and Olay face lotion. A broken hair brush. A phone charger. The chessboard. Read More

I fell down the stairs tonight.

I live on the second floor of a beautiful apartment building.

I bet you’re wondering how I live in such a nice place when I am so poor. I wonder that sometimes, too. The short answer is:

  1. Credit cards
  2. The apartment is supposed to be a 2-bedroom, but we converted it into a 3-bedroom
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My dog pooped on my roommate’s carpet.

I think the title explains itself here. But there’s more to this story than it seems. If you’re wondering what happened, here is a summary: My name is Kate. I am 26. I had a boyfriend. You could venture the assumption that things were Getting Pretty Serious. Now we are not together.

So I did what any reasonable, well-rounded and emotionally-stable person does after a breakup. I rented a Zipcar and adopted a dog. Her name is Arya.

And Arya [The World’s Greatest Dog] has just taken a 2-day-backed-up-crap on my roommate’s rug.

Welcome to my life.
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